Umsatzsteuererstattungen UK
    Umsatzsteuererstattungen UK

    VAT return from the United Kingdom

    Name of sales tax:

    UK VAT is referred to as value added tax (VAT) .

    Value of turnover tax rates:

    The standard rate of UK sales tax is 20%. In addition, is subject to a 5% discount .

    Permitted refund periods

    The UK VAT refund period must be at least 3 months within one calendar year and 12 months maximum (= one calendar year) .

    Minimum Amount requested

    For applications with a refund period of at least 3 months, a minimum amount of 400 € applies. For applications whose refund period is one calendar year, a minimum of € 50 applies.

    Address of the competent tax authority in the country of reimbursement

    Compliance Centres,
    VAT Overseas Repayment Unit,
    Benton Park View,
    NE98 IYX


    Tel:     +44 030 00 545 316
    Fax:    +44 030 00 556 302
    Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    To VAT return from the United Kingdom

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    Reimbursement of individual business transactions / expenses:

    Costs / Expenses for Eligibility
    Fairs and exhibitions 100%
    Conferences 100%
    Hotel accomodation 100% (1)
    Restaurant / Catering 100% (2)
    Entertainment, gifts 100% (3)
    Purchase of vehicles 0%
    Diesel 100%
    Petrol 100%
    Vehicle repairs 100%
    Rent of vehicles 50% / 100% (4)
    Taxi 100% (5)
    Bus / Train --
    Phone / Fax 100%
    Road fees / tolls 100%
    Marketing 100%
    Consultants 100%
    Legal expenses 100%
    Education/Training 100%
    (1) not for business partners
    (2) not for business partners
    (3) full deductibility only for business expenses for employees
    (4) 50% deductible for private use (5) VAT identification number must be available on invoice

    General note:

    Please note that the information, in particular with regard to the deductibility and reimbursement of the various business transactions / expenses, is not exhaustive and should only serve as a guide. Whether a reimbursement claim exists can only be answered by an examination in individual cases.

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